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Courses & Prices

If you are looking to apply for a concealed carry license, please note:
PA residents are not required to take any course to obtain a PA concealed carry license,
but must pass the Basic Pistol course to obtain a multi-state carry license.
DE residents are required to pass the DE Concealed Carry course to apply
for a Delaware concealed carry license. See details below.

Basic Coursework

First Steps Pistol

4 hrs


Perfect class for first-time shooters not ready for loud live gun range fire. Incorporates portions of the First Steps Pistol class, with simulated firearms, laser cartridges and laser reactive targets. Nothing can replace shooting a live firearm, but this is a great first step!

Basic Pistol Instruction

8 hrs


Basic Rifle Instruction

8 hrs


Both Basic Pistol & Basic Rifle are certification courses. Both classes have life-fire requirements.


6 hrs


Advanced Coursework

Defensive Handgun

4 hrs


Includes concealed carry techniques, close quarter shooting, shooting on the move, turning & shooting, shooting from a seated position, shooting from cover, shooting from a prone position, and more.

PLEASE NOTE: This course is not for beginners. It requires completion and certification of either our Basic Pistol or Delaware Concealed Carry License (CCDW) course, or proof of certification from a nationally recognized program, plus a satisfactory evaluation of your pistol handling and ability to safely draw from a holster. Fees are non-refundable. If you register for this course and you display or engage in unsafe behavior on the range, you will not be allowed to continue the course.

Personal Protection In The Home

10 hrs


Personal Protection Outside The Home

18 hrs


Refuse To Be A Victim




16 Hrs


Includes proper aiming and shooting technique, safe handling, cleaning and maintenance, proper storage, buying the right holster, concealed carry options, concealed carry mindset, conflict management, basic conflict prevention, Delaware laws pertaining to use of force both lethal and non-lethal, live-fire shooting exercises, and much more.

Private Instruction

Pistol, rifle, shotgun instruction

1 hr


Pistol, rifle, shotgun instruction

3 Hr Block



State of Delaware

Delaware Security Training

(Required for Security License)

16 Hrs


Delaware Open Carry Handgun Certification

(Required to carry a firearm as a bail enforcement officer or commissioned security guard)

40 Hrs


  • Prices do not include range fees, ammunition costs, or firearms rental (if you do not possess or own a firearm).
  • Register and pay for any course or session of $100 or more and receive a 20% discount on your next purchased course or session of $100 or more. Discounted course must be  taken within 30 days of the initial course.

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